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Art! Or: Hay gais how's it going

So I drew stuff. Or rather colored stuff, since I'd had this drawn and inked and half-done for a while now. Mostly done because I was trying NEW THINGS with larger pen sizes and lots of blending methods. I'm trying to get better at doing skin discolorations and just...coloring in general.

Anyway, have some Mika, and I hope everyone has a good night.

Welcome to the Hell ApartmentsCollapse )

characters' major flaws

Copy pasta'd from my plurk for future personal reference.

Mika Whitepaws - An Essay!Collapse )

Gauntlet arts

I've been wanting to draw something like this for ages, so at 3am this morning I knocked out most of these, and figured I'd post them in between working on merch.

Ammy and Abel art ahoy!Collapse )

And that's it! I'll post the latest button designs as soon as I finish them!

Re: Japan Quake

241K 1:28
(no transcription available)

I will leave updates if anything happens, I'll also leave updates throughout the day so you all know that nothing has happened. I'll be praying for everyone else during this!

still not dead yet

I know I've been lol missing for forever, got sick and had RL deck me in the face. I'm still not entirely over whatever it was. They told me it wasn't the flu but I call shenangians.

There's also another thing I have to say. I think I've been reading too much Homestuck. I wonder if powering through the year and a half or more that I'd missed since I'd first picked it up kind of did something to my brain.

There is one good thing about this, however! It looks like I can draw again.

Button arts!

After finishing the last Christmas present, I decided to take a Quick Break to make a little something fun just because I had some scrap card stock laying around. I ended up designing another 3 inch button and I'm fairly happy with it.

cut for f-listCollapse )

Rose Parade 2011: Donate Life Float!

My sister was on the news, helping decorate the Donate Life float for the Rose Parade.

She and the nephew dedicated roses to her husband, and they'll be on the front right corner of the float, the side closest to the cameras when they roll up the street. If you're going to watch the parade, look for the float with the kites on it!

Happy belated birthday, E. We miss you.

Next year I'm going to help decorate the floats with my sister. I'm really looking forward to it.


I should apologize for spamming...

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