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Because the last app reached FREAKING RETARDED levels of TL;DR and no one really wants to read all that. Ever.

SO! ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING. Let's do this thing.

Name: Ziri
Personal LJ: wolfieziri
Contact Info: AIM: ShikaNoOkami || email: punkahziri0[at]yahoo.com || plurk: ZiriO
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Mika Whitepaws, nicknames she answers to are Mimi or Mia
Character Age: 27
Background: Her Earth is not unlike the one we know today, but whether it was by magic, natural selection, or human design, several species similar to humans but with more animal traits began to appear over the course of history dating as far back as the middle ages. No one quite knew their origins, but there are stories among the older clans of a trickster, a liar that fooled the once proud animals into taking a relic that would make them safe from harm by man's hand, that transformed them into what they are now, but that's just an old folktale. In the earliest stories, the animals would disguise themselves as humans in order to interact with the local villages. Whenever they were discovered, the humans were usually hostile and the demihumans were forced to flee. When the forests of Europe were no longer safe, the demihumans once again disguised themselves as humans to make the trip to the New World. Many of them either fled to the wilderness or were forced to live their lives hiding what they were. They still have to deal with being treated like domesticated livestock on occasion, which always gets awkward. Humanity is still trying to get used to the demihumans (who are genetically far closer to animals than humans in spite of looking far more like the latter), but the situation is still rocky at best.

Even in their new state, wolves are still wolves. Pack hierarchy is law within a house, with the alpha pair as the rulers of the den. Dominance scuffles are common among the children, with the fiercest cub rising to the top as the beta regardless of birth order. The omega is the one most willing to submit to the others, putting up the least amount of resistance. Deltas are one step above an omega, submissive but still trying to scramble for a foothold on the pack totem pole. The lower ranks are also the ones usually tasked with babysitting duty when the alphas and betas are busy. Mika is a delta, and while having gotten along reasonably well with her big brother who babysat her the most, she was often given the brunt of her middle sibling's irritability at being trapped under the rule of their parents. Her sister was already showing the signs of being an alpha at a young age, and was quick to show her younger sibling who was boss since Mika was so easy to bully. As soon as her sister moved out and found a place of her own, Mika's relations with her improved greatly. Being the runt and a natural delta left Mika with a tendency towards avoiding problems and a knack for running away. It also left her skittish and defensive, quick to snap back when someone tried to push her around.

Her father was the one that introduced her to comics and anime when she was small, spending hours with her as he read to her. Mika grew up with a broad ranged knowledge of fantastical lore, science fiction, and a love for horror, mecha, explosions, and magical girls. Most of her spare time was spent reading, and when she was old enough to get her own computer and game console whatever time she had left was gone. She's well read and her interests were wildly varied, but oftentimes more suited to a boy's taste than a girl's. Not that she cared, really.

After she and her friends were out of college, they usually only got together to see a movie or sit around playing video games all day. This time was different, as they were all fans of spooky things, so when the rumors of a local haunted spot cropped up, Mika and a small group of friends piled into a car and went to go check it out. Most of them didn't find a thing in the quiet little forested spot with the rundown house. No one did except for Mika. She disappeared without a trace, and when they did find her she looked like a different person entirely.

Parts of her previously brown fur had turned white, her frame gaunt, as if her very life had been frightened from her body. Rambling manically about a haunted town, it took a few days to sort out what had happened from her feverish raving. While they'd explored the house, Mika had been following a strange smell and a feeling that had left her fur standing on end. She'd missed a step on the basement stairs and cracked her forehead on a low beam. When she'd woken up, she was in a ghost town.


Hours had felt like days, years even, as she'd scrambled around trying to find a way out. Was it a dream? An out-of-body experience? Mika had no idea, save for the gut feeling that everything that she'd experienced in that place had been real. All the creatures that had chased her, all the ghosts she'd fought off. She'd been dead set to pass it off as a wild dream if it hadn't been for the drastic changes to her body and the one piece of evidence that had shown the most wear; her notebook. Pages of scrawled notes, mysterious stains and sketches, hurried scribbles of what was almost nonsense filled it almost from cover to cover. It was undeniably Mika's writing, and it was found lying outside the house, far from where she'd been found sprawled face-first on the basement floor. Shaken, Mika and her friends piled into the car and put the place behind them, afraid to ever mention it again.

Rattled from her experience, Mika needed her own space away from her parents. Cobbling together enough money from her freelance work, she moved in with her friend Medusa "Deuce" Preston. Deuce was the real bread winner of the two of them, while Mika kept the apartment neat and did most of the chores while Deuce was out on military duties. Deuce had a job that was never talked about, and Mika never asked, knowing better than to snoop in government operations.

Unfortunately, despite her best attempts and secrecy, Mika became very aware of how dangerous that job was. The hit had been intended for the soldier, but when doors were kicked off hinges and the assassins attacked with inhuman speed, all that lay waiting was a ill girl and her book. The scuffle was rough and dirty, and when subduing her by hand seemed not worth the trouble, they ended it with three shots. She was slumped in the front hall of their apartment when Deuce and the police arrived, a concerned neighbor's call the only thing keeping her from an untimely demise.

The next few weeks were a blur, the recovery in the hospital punctuated merely by the rare lucid visiting hour, and the general feeling of dissatisfaction with her luck. The incident was never mentioned again.

After such abysmal luck rearing its ugly head, Mika was grateful for the return to apparent normalcy, her relationship with her friend now bonded with blood, and things were looking up. Unfortunately it was little more than wishful thinking. After the first restful sleep in ages, Mika awoke to a bed, and once again a town, not her own.

"Welcome to Mayfield," indeed!

Personality: Being a wolf, Mika is a very social animal. She loves people and craves strong relationships, building a network of friends as close as family wherever she goes. To her, having a pack is very important, and her pack keeps her sane and steady no matter what happens around her. She is loyal to her family and friends, and always willing to be there for them no matter why or when they need her. Supportive and trusting, it might make her easy to bully but she'll be steadfast unless given more than enough reasons not to be.

Still, her family doesn't see every facet of her personality. They often see Mika at her worst, but due to the pack hierarchy she often hides how she really feels. Her closest friends will see what she hides from her family, but Mika tries not to show them the worst of her meltdowns. No one wants to deal with a crazy girl, and lately Mika worries that's all she's been. Deuce has seen her at her worst and for a while Mika was terrified of being abandoned, but since the shooting they're closer than ever, and she's grateful for Medusa's calm presence in Mika's otherwise occasionally chaotic life.

However when around people she isn't comfortable with Mika can be sarcastic and snarky, prone to bitter comebacks and snapping when bothered. This is a defensive mechanism to distance herself from others, a way to weed out people that might ultimately cause her more harm. Much more prone to reacting aggressively when she feels threatened now, she's not above baring her fangs and snarling in a display of dominance. She is also very anxious and skittish, and flinches from loud noises thanks to the assassination attempt and her time lost in the haunted town.

The haunted town left a very large mark on her, physically and mentally. Mika is terrified of being truly alone anywhere, gets nervous in thick fog, and favors her right side. An attack by a ghostly resident left her right leg weakened due to scarring in the muscles of her thigh, and any perceived threat coming from that side will trigger an immediate response. This is the biggest reason why Mika is very skittish, jumping at shadows and things she sees out of the corner of her eye. Since then she's had a problem with what might be either an over-active imagination or a heightened sense of the spiritual.

The assassination itself was one of the worst experiences in her life, being her closest brush with death. The scars on her chest and throat are still very fresh and sore to the touch, and Mika is very self-conscious of them. She wears her hair to keep the scars hidden most of the time, as it keeps off the sun and allows her to avoid awkward questions. It's because of this that she distrusts strangers and hates loud noises. She still suffers from nightmares because of this and the haunted town incident.

Still, even if she's not comfortable with them, Mika isn't so heartless as to not help someone in need. She is usually willing to set aside her differences in order to help anyone at any time, her better nature breaking through the fear that threatens to consume her when she's out of her element. If trouble comes up and there's anything she can do to lend a hand, Mika will be one of the first to jump in without even thinking about her better interests. She might not think she has much to offer, but she'll always try to give her best when it counts the most.

Abilities: She doesn't have powers or any special abilities so much as she has naturally heightened senses. As a wolf, Mika has genetically enhanced senses of smell, hearing and taste. She can hear enough noise around her that she knows when the TV's been left on downstairs or if the neighbors have gotten a phonecall, and she prefers to be out of the house when her friends bring home their dates. It's bad enough for her when she can smell them walking into the house after a night at the club. She can also detect trace flavors in her food, and smell when something's gone wrong with food in the fridge even if she's on the other end of the kitchen when the refrigerator door is opened.

Aside from that Mika's 'power' lies in knowledge. Very specialized and trivial knowledge, the kind that can win you arguments on the internet but do absolutely nothing for you in real life. The kind of knowledge that comes from spending too many hours reading Wikipedia and TV Tropes because you have nothing better to do, or because you've beaten all your video games a half-dozen times so you've memorized where all the secret items are. The kind of knowledge that could keep Mika alive in a zombie apocalypse is only a little different from that. She could probably only get people to listen to her advice because she knew what she was talking about when it came to horror survival. Why?

Because she'd spent too many hours watching movies and playing video games.

She can memorize trivial details like boss stats or where to find important items, not that this sort of information comes in useful in Real Life, but it apparently worked out okay for her wherever it was she found herself for those missing years. Unfortunately she has a bad habit of running her mouth off when she shouldn't...

Sample Entry 1: meme thread 1, meme thread 2, Dear Mun post

Sample Entry 2: You'd think by now I would have already reached the point where I was crazy. Back home--my real home, not this weird Pleasantville knockoff, but that smoggy, oily mess in California--I think the only thing keeping me out of the wards was the fact that I hadn't gone completely foaming-at-the-mouth rabid. Not that I ever wanted to get admitted to one of those cesspits, I've heard enough stories about them to last me a lifetime. No, I think...I think I'm finally starting to lose it.

It's funny, in a way that makes me want to start sobbing hysterically and never stop, that I managed to survive (if you could call it that) for three years in a place where the sun never really shone. Where the whole world was actively trying to kill me somehow, to drive me honestly out of my mind with terror. Almost three years in a place like that, and I make it out in mostly one piece. Not that being shot full of holes and my sanity in tatters could be called that either.

But here? I'm not certain how much longer I can stand of this before I completely lose my collective marbles. I can't even be myself here, I have to conform or turn into one of those empty things. At least in that place I could keep whatever shreds of dignity I had left.

Also, seriously. Who does shit like that to the milk? I think that's the fifth time this week I've almost been stupid enough to drink right out of that bottle. Heaven help me before I accidentally kill myself.

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