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The bath was normally rather quiet at this time of evening as the light waned and the air chilled, sending most indoors to enjoy an evening meal before turning in for the night. It was a large, luxurious affair that allowed patrons to soak after being treated to mud baths and herbal baths and a dozen different kinds of massages, but Luka had foregone those in favor of a simple soak in the natural hot spring after scrubbing the latest travel's mud and grime from her skin.

Even after all the years, it was much easier to breathe once the bandages were off. With her hair bound up, she sank into the bath with a soft sigh and let herself relax. Or would have if she hadn't sensed something sneaking up on her. While she was fast, her stealthy companion was faster and she hardly had time to prepare herself at the loud whooping sound behind her before her assailant was upon her.

"Caught you~!" Thymble preened, her dark skin gleaming from the steam as she tackled Luka, nearly sending them both face-first into the water. The tiny girl hugged Luka tightly, nuzzling the older elf's dark hair in her excitement. "Gotchu! I got you!"

"That you did, now kindly let go." Luka frowned a little, still having difficulty with Thymble's heavy accent. The young elf was hardly stupid, but with her poor grasp on any languages aside from those of Banato, she was almost impossible to understand on a bad day. Luka was just about to repeat herself when she froze in horror, realizing Thymble was inspecting her very carefully now.

"Luka not a boy?" Huge leaf-green eyes stared at the banded scars across the exposed pale skin and the unmistakable swell of feminine curves. This new discovery sank in and Thymble's cheeks puffed up immediately. Oh no. Oh, no no no.

"Thymble, hush!" Luka flustered instantly, trying to stem the inevitable outburst that was sure to happen any second now with a hasty shushing motion. Wide eyes stared back at Luka as she was startled into compliance, tiny pointed ears twitching at the sound of Luka's voice. How to explain this.

"It's a secret, Thymble." Luka's brows knit as she tried to phrase it better, possibly give the girl an explanation, but she was met with a bewildered tilt of Thymble's head. No good. She'd just have to hope that the spritely girl would understand.



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Aug. 24th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
It's true, even after years of wearing one, taking off my compression shirt makes breathing a much nicer experience. :3
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